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Why Are Dogs Given Up For Adoption, Reasons why animals are abandoned

Why Are Dogs Given Up For Adoption, Reasons why animals are abandoned
In a recent study by the National Council of Pet Population Study and Policy, researchers went into 12 selected animal shelters the United States for a year to find out why.

The results of the study show that the seven main reasons for abandoning dogs and cats are the same. "These similarities suggest that there may be similar ways to address abandoned dogs and cats," "For people who work in a shelter all day, there is not always have time to address these issues. We have impressions of what is happening, but we now have objective data that will help us to develop specific programs to address the issues that have been identified. "

Reasons why animals are abandoned

For dogs:

Moving (7%)
Owner will not allow pets (6%)
Too many animals in household (4%)
Cost of maintaining the animals (5%)
The owner has personal problems (4%)
Inadequate facilities (4%)
No houses available at the same range (3%)
Do not have time for a pet (4%)
Pet Health (es) (4%)
Biting (3%)

For cats:

Mobile (8%)
Owner will allow pets (6%)
Too many animals in the household (11%)
Cost of maintenance pets (6%)
The owner with personal problems (4%)
Inadequate facilities (2%)
No available homes at the same range (6%)
Allergies Family (8%)
House soiling (5%)
Incompatibility with other pets (2%)
Trained researchers completed confidential with pet owners who surrendered their dogs or cats in animal shelters individual interviews. Pet owners were allowed to give up to five reasons for abandonment. The investigators did not, however, prioritize responses. They simply recorded in the order listed.

Characteristics of animals being relinquished

In addition to the reasons for abandoning the study data collected on animals being abandoned. According to the study:

The majority of dogs rendered (47.7%) and cats (40.3%) were between 5 months and 3 years.

The majority of dogs (37.1%) and cats (30.2) were held from 7 months to 1 year.

About half of the pets (42.8% of dogs, cats 50.8%) were not given sterilized. Many abandoned animals (33% of dogs; 46.9% of cats) had not been to a vet.

Animals acquired from friends were given away in greater numbers (31.4% of dogs; 33.2% of cats) than any other source.

Nearly equal number of dogs and cats male and female were issued.

Most dogs (96%) had received no obedience training.


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